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Tip #3

 Did you know that a build up of moisture in or around the home can attract TERMITES?

There are many different reasons that excess moisture can build up under or next to a building including:

  • leaking pipes
  • a dripping hot water system
  • poor drainage
  • irrigation placed inappropriately and
  • gutters that are in poor repair.

If you notice a leaking tap or poor drainage around the home be sure to act quickly to avoid complications related to termites.



Paul's Plumbing Tips

Tip #10

Ensure you check that there are no leaks/drips coming from your hot water system. A leak coming from the unit may suggest that you need a new hot water unit (the cylinder inside could have ruptured).  If the valve itself is leaking this means that the valve may need replacing.  Any leak is wasted energy in electricity or gas and therefore money, so make sure you attend to it quickly by calling Paul at hayesplumbingQLD.


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